Functional Fitness for Your Finances

Functional Fitness for Your Finances

As you unload the groceries from the trunk of your car, you feel a sharp pain in your knee. Your two year old toddler wants to be held and as you pick her up, you hurt your shoulder. You miss two days of work on the coach writhing in back pain from of all things, tying your shoe laces. Basic everyday movements can sideline everyone from the stay-at-home mom to the triathlete. Incorporating functional fitness training can be highly beneficial in preventing these frustrating injuries.

The term “functional fitness” has become popular in recent years.  Instead of just being just another passing fitness trend, the term refers to a very logical approach to training. Simply put, functional fitness refers to exercises that mimic and improve our everyday activity. This approach to exercise helps to train the body to move more efficiently while achieving a high level of fitness.

The vast majority of clients I have served as a trainer prefer a functional approach to fitness. Because it is such an effective way to exercise, I was thinking about how it can apply to money. As I often discuss, financial fitness requires a very similar approach to physical fitness. The beauty of functional fitness is the efficiency and practicality it provides. If we can use those qualities in our approach to money, we can succeed.

Building Financial Efficiency

Many people have a misconception about efficiency. My mom is German, and there is a stereotype about Germans that they are workaholics driven by perfection. Emotions are not needed since the only goal is high performance and achievement. Movie and TV characters are presented in a humorous way to perpetuate that view. Within my very large family, I have yet to meet anyone who is anything close to that! Even though it may be funny, we may have that view of efficiency based on some of those perceptions and stereotypes.

When it comes to money and efficiency, I want you to think about value. What is the best way to get value out of each of your hard earned dollars? Functional fitness is great for the majority of fitness clients because it provides high value in a short period of time. It provides all the short term benefits of exercise with a long term view. Using this approach to finances is also very effective.

A Holistic Financial Approach

Just as functional fitness uses a whole body approach, proper financial planning requires the same holistic method. You may have one area of your finances in excellent condition, only to discover a large weakness at the inopportune time. The transmission on the car goes out and you do not have enough cash on hand to cover the repair. You forgot to get renters insurance and a thief breaks into your apartment and steals your valuables. It is so frustrating when you have these unwanted financial events come into your life.

Of the many reasons people come to a personal trainer, one of the main reasons is formulate a plan that works specifically for them.  A good trainer provides more than just effective exercises.  They also provide proper guidance on form and encouragement. They help clients maximize every moment of their valuable time in the gym. This is especially important for people who need help from experts to get started and stay on course. If you enjoy the many facets of personal finance, you can be effective doing it on your own. But if you lack knowledge or confidence, find a good fee-only financial planner. They can help you build a solid game plan and give you the confidence you need moving forward. Accurate knowledge and a holistic view of your money will help you build maximum efficiency!

A Practical Approach to Your Money

Another benefit of a functional approach to fitness and finance is the practicality. The beauty of functional fitness is that it uses complex movements all while providing a relatively simple approach to training. It provides an effective template while allowing for flexibility and adaptability. The best financial plans have many of those same qualities. A great plan will take the complexities of money and build a solid template specifically tailored for your success. It will also allow for flexibility to adapt to life events and the unexpected all of us encounter.

The term practicality may seem boring and businesslike, just like efficiency. However, when I think of practicality, I think of suitability. It is going to meet that particular need in the best way possible. Practicality and efficiency help us build the life we desire by using our money in the way that is right for us. These qualities actually can bring a great deal of peace of mind and excitement about the future.

I have trained so many people who admitted to hating working out and were skeptical of functional training. After a few sessions, they thoroughly enjoyed their activities and looked forward to learning new exercises. Sure, there may be some soreness and discomfort to start, but it is manageable. I find the same goes with money. People who hate the idea of meeting to discuss their money situation often find it to be a much easier process than they anticipate. Even if there are some financial messes to clean up, it is manageable and they gain a great deal of benefit from the process.

Fitness for Everyday Life

Functional fitness is training for everyday life. The goal is to maintain a high level of fitness throughout the year all while making daily life easier. Another benefit is to avoid injury and recover faster from setbacks. That sounds like a good approach to finances as well! Take the time to invest in yourself and think about applying these important qualities to your money. Everyday life presents challenges that require a logic approach to fitness and our finances. Building a practical and efficient financial plan takes effort but it is worth it. As Benjamin Franklin so eloquently said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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  1. The discipline, dedication, and focus a person needs to maintain health seems to be the same as you need to build #wealth. Both actions require focus and a written plan to be successful. Sometimes when I am working on one I feel I am abandoning the other. I’m trying to make it a habit to focus on both this year. Seems to really be a time management issue.

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