What is the fiduciary standard of care?

“The fiduciary standard of care requires that a financial advisor always act solely in the client’s best interest when offering personalized financial advice.”

Financial Muscle Planning, LLC is dedicated to providing a personalized approach to all financial planning activities. A financial planner who has a financial stake in the course of action they recommend to a client faces a conflict of interest. We believe it is of utmost importance to be objective and unbiased when recommending financial products to our clients.

Unfortunately, many financial advisors in the United States are sellers of financial products and depend on their ability to steer clients to a limited number of options. Financial Muscle Planning, LLC was established on principles that made it critical to establish a business model that avoided any conflicts of interest. This would allow an environment that allowed for a true fiduciary relationship and one that always kept our clients’ best interest clearly in mind.

We are proud to be a Fee-Only Financial Advisor, which means we are compensated solely by our clients. We do not receive compensation contingent on the purchase or sale of any financial products. This structure ensures that there is never any unwanted financial influence in the way we manage the portfolio of our valuable clients.

Our mission is to serve our clients’ best interest with solid unbiased advice, unparalleled customer service, and products that provide superior suitability.